Thanks to its many attractions, Cincinnati, Ohio is a popular vacation destination. If you are getting ready to travel to the Cincinnati area, consider using some of these money-saving tips to keep your expenses as low as possible:

1. Be flexible with your travel schedule. Airfare rates increase during peak travel times and are usually much lower during times when fewer people are traveling. If you can book your trip during one of the slower travel times, you can usually get a much better deal on your tickets. Even something as simple as traveling on a different day of the week can wind up saving you a bundle. When you are shopping for your plane tickets, try changing your departure and arrival dates to see which combination gives you the lowest price on your ticket.

2. Consider renting a vacation home. In some cases, you may be able to save money by renting a small apartment or vacation home rather than renting a hotel room. High-end hotels are often priced higher than vacation rentals. Additionally, when you stay in a vacation home, you usually have access to a full kitchen. By purchasing groceries and cooking your own food, you can save a ton of money when compared to dining out.

3. Stay close to the attractions you want to see the most. That way, you won’t have to waste money on gas driving to and from different activities. In fact, you may even be able to skip a rental car altogether, opting instead for public transportation. Cincinnati has a relatively good bus system that you can use to get just about anywhere that you want to go. Taking the bus can save you a significant amount of money over renting a car and paying for gas. You can find instructions on how to ride the buses online. Familiarizing yourself with the protocol ahead of time can make the process go more smoothly the first time you take the bus.

4. Pack light. Try to fit everything for your trip into a carry-on. That way, you can avoid having to pay to check a bag. Not only that but you can get out of the airport more quickly since you won’t have to wait around for your luggage.

These money-saving tips should make your next trip to Cincinnati, Ohio a lot more affordable. Every step you can take to cut the cost of your trip will help free up more of your money to spend on other things.